Advantages Of Using Student Response Systems

In essence, the class performance system or student response system is very important in the class because it makes the atmosphere more exciting. In fact, the method called this has been used in many American and European schools. 

Student retention software  will respond after this question by using a remote control device called Clicker. Then the questions and answers to questions made by the teacher will follow some significant objective type patterns. In addition, students are required to choose from three of the four answer options presented for that question. 

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What you get in using a student response system

Some studies conducted by university research groups show that students' response systems have so many benefits. Some of the main benefits found by this study include:

1. Extraordinary improvement at the level of student concentration

Many students now use their remote wireless keypad to present answers to all questions caused by the teacher due to the implementation of this response system. Actually, the remote keypad really helps develop the level of attention of students and many students currently respond to questions.

2. Enhanced knowledge retention rates

Because of the better level of attention, students can maintain the subject they have learned using this form. In addition, students can discuss among themselves all things about why they choose certain options. This leads to a healthy discussion about various options chosen by students. 

3. Ability to follow individual responses

Because all students participate in answering questions caused by utilizing the keypad, the response is recorded in the student's response system database as a record of certain students. Significantly each student is given a certain student code whose answer will be responded to code.