Best Grind Tuitions Available In Ireland

Students from 6th Grade in English, Maths, and Irish can take part in primary school grinds. One-to-one or small group tuition is available. Classes can be accessed online via Zoom.

Because of the small classes, each class is personalized to meet the individual learning needs of each student. We teach only what students need to know. For more information, you can navigate the site to take part in grinds in Ireland.


Primary school grinds can be enrolled at any time during the year. Our programmes are 16 weeks long and the day/time depends on the type of tuition you require (1-1/small-group/online/classroom-based).

We usually cover one subject in an hour. This is because students who are struggling with a subject need to spend the entire hour learning a new concept, topic or skill. If your child is in the average range of ability and needs some help, it might be possible to cover more than one subject within an hour. This will be determined on an individual basis, and depends entirely on the needs of each child.

Before starting primary school, pupils are evaluated. These assessments use a combination standardised and diagnostic tests to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your child in a specific area. This allows us to create a personalized program of tuition that targets their learning needs. To ensure that students have met their learning goals, they are reassessed at the conclusion of their tuition program.