Business Card Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Unless your real estate brokerage requires you to have a specific business card template, you may need to start putting things together and getting crazy with marketing your business card. So you should choose your business cards wisely.

When you give your business card to someone at the grocery store, they need it to want to frame it. There is only so much you can think of when it comes to business card marketing ideas. It’s hard to look different sometimes but there are enough options to make it work. If you want to buy the best gold business cards then you may navigate to this website.

Let me explain to you…

Let’s start with color. Most brokers and agents use a white background for their cards. One option is to change the color only. Choose orange, yellowish, purple, or fluorescent green. Make it awesome. Don’t mix those up completely and sound like a “hippie agent” (unless that’s your brand), but put some color in it. Don’t be afraid to be different. 

Another simple business card marketing idea is that the font style can be changed as well. Make sure the font color matches the background of your greeting card but get the style. You can get some ideas on the web and see what works best for you and your brand.

A profile picture can also be used as a face-lift. No, I’m not saying you’re ugly. You are beautiful as you are. What I’m pointing out is that you should simply try to take a different picture of yourself. How about a picture of you with the customer? Be creative and think outside the box. Put a picture that potential customers will remember!

What do you have on the back of your card now? Is it empty? When I show a house, I always look at the back of the dealer cards that showed the house in front of me. I see this phrase there all the time. It’s almost worse than leaving it blank.