Custom Auto Paint – Make It Look Good

Have you ever thought about painting your cars? There are several things to think about. I'm just going to go over the basic idea, a few things you need to know before you hit the paint shop.

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No matter what car you have, I bet you want it to look good and look like the only one. You need to think about the time and money it will take to custom paint your car. Of course, it all depends on what kind of specific work you want to do on your car?

You really need to think about it because some colors are nearly impossible to paint. If the tired apple candy is one of them, let me explain how to spray candy paint on the car during the process after closing and preparing the car, first spray the sealant and this is done with all the paint.

Unlike other colors in this villa, the usual work with a transparent top layer is done this way. You spray the sealant first and then wait 30 minutes and go in and mix the paint coats and then keep three or four coats.

Color the flash, then let stand for half an hour. After the flash time, spray four coats of transparent coats and a base coat of transparent coats is finished unless you are ready to cut and smooth the finished paint.

To handle candy apples, you need to prepare and disguise the car, then clean and seal it, then first apply a reflective base like silver, gold, black or any other color to get the special paint effect you want. Then you will use a transparent color like transparent red when sprinkling candy with red.