Fall Lawn Maintenance: For a Great Looking Lawn

Fall is an important season for Lawn maintenance and is equally as crucial in several respects as is spring. There is a range of things which ought to be carried out in the autumn, all to help your yard grasses in preparing for winter.  Fall is most likely also the one season where your yard will look its finest.

It's one of the only days of the year where growing states for just about any lawn kind are perfect, the weather is cooling off several so the grass isn't as susceptible to drought conditions because it's during the summertime, you will typically get more rain, as well as the cool evenings, alleviate the bud of heat-related stress. You can know more about fall lawn maintenance via http://www.westcoastlawns.ca.

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To be able to benefit from those excellent conditions and also to ensure that your yard is prepared for the chilly winter there are lots of measures which you ought to take. Below is a drop maintenance program that will aid you in receiving the greatest possible yard potential. For Cool-season grasses, Aerating and dethatching in autumn is desired. 

Both these actions are stressful and damaging, and must only be achieved during periods of active development. For your cool-season grasses Fall is the perfect time to aerate and dethatch. For your Warm-season grasses that are best performed during late summer or early Summer. In case you've got a lawn that has heavy traffic, then the dirt in it's very likely to be heavily compacted. 

This restricts root growth and penetration and reduces oxygen levels in the ground.  Core aeration will pull plugs of dirt from the floor, opening up the dirt and letting it expand to the holes left behind. You might even make the most of these plugs pulled out of the ground to test how much thatch has built up on your yard.