Four Essential Tips To Use And Care Tablecloth

Tablecloths were essential for fine dining, no matter if you were dining at home or in a restaurant. For civilized dining, many people still use white or linen tablecloths.

Tablecloths are essential workhorses in your kitchen and you should take extra care of them. To be a backdrop for all your mouthwatering dishes, they need to be in top shape.

These tips from the experts from will help you to make sure your tablecloths are functional and durable.

1) Get To It Right Away

You have a better chance of getting rid of stains if you act quickly. Although you don't need to wash them immediately, neglecting to clean the stain can cause it to settle in the fiber. You won't want to delay treatment, especially if your tablecloth is made of poly-cotton.

2) No Rubbing

Do not rub anything on your white tablecloth. To blot any excess material, use a towel. A colored towel will force the color to transfer to the tablecloth. This is not what we want, are we?

3) Beware of Bleaching Agents

To clean stains, do not use paper napkins. Paper napkins are frequently bleached with bleaching agents, which can cause a loss in color.

4) Stain Removing

Imagine a wine, coffee, or soda stain on your beautiful white tablecloth. It's a nightmare! Don't worry. You can easily remove them with a damp, white cloth.

However, make sure you check the care label to see if the tablecloth can be washed in a machine. After you have blotted the cloth with a water-soaked towel, dry it. You can now do your laundry. Take your tablecloth with you!