How Long Does Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Last?

Are you irritated by the appearance of your nose, but are you astonished by the idea of non-surgical rhinoplasty to correct it. In contrast to traditional nose jobs that require anesthesia in the form of a customary injection and a lengthy procedure that is invasive, as well as post-procedural discomfort as well as downtime.

The best rhinoplasty in London achieves comparable results by using a numbing lotion that can be applied for only 15 minutes with no downtime. The results are visible immediately and last for about a year without needing further treatments.

How long does it take to complete recovery?

The recovery process varies from one patient to another, however, generally, we recommend having a break of ten days from the job and abstaining from all sports during the first 3 months.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty provides patients flexibility in the duration of the results that alone cannot be replicated by traditional surgical procedures. This flexibility offers patients more control over their results that are visible immediately and with no recovery.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty plan presents you with the opportunity to see immediate results, so your new nose could be just a phone call away. If you're wondering, how long a non-surgical nose job lasts, there is no simple answer-much will depend on your desired outcome.