How Roof Damage Claims Affect Homeowners Insurance in Texas?

You should file a claim with the insurance company if you are in a position where your roof has been damaged. However, it is not a good idea to do this immediately. You should be aware that filing a claim can have an effect on your policy.

Unfortunately, the policyholders affected by hail storms often have to fight to maximize their claims so that your rooftop insurance claim is denied.

roof insurance claim denied

First, you should examine what is covered under your policy and what your obligations are. Next, have your roof examined by an expert. It is best to pay out of pocket if the estimated repair costs are less than your deductible. You are limited in the number of insurance claims you can make within a certain time period. 

Wind or hail damage is considered an Act of God, and will not impact your insurance rates. Flood damage and earthquake damage are usually not covered. 

If you don't have current premiums or have not maintained the property satisfactorily, claims may be denied. Most policies do not cover termite damage, mold, or faulty plumbing that has been neglected.

It is important to fully understand your homeowner's insurance policy. This includes what is and what isn't covered. Also, what are your deductibles? Before you file a claim for roofing damage, it is important to carefully consider the situation. Before you contact your insurance company, make sure to have all damages assessed and get a quote for the repair.