How To Protect Your Privacy Online: Things To Remember

With the recent advances in information technology, a lot of human activities are now carried out in cyberspace or online as described by most networks. This drastic transition to the internet platform may have brought certain benefits, but also posed several threats, especially to the privacy of these internet users, including yourself. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stop using the internet and return to your primitive lifestyle. There are several ways to protect your privacy online and ensure you have a great internet experience.

Below are some practical suggestions that have been tried and tested over time and will help protect your online privacy. Please note that these suggestions do not completely protect you from unwanted accidents while browsing the Internet, but are intended to limit your risk as long as you stay online. One of the best solutions given to the users is the usage of ExpressVPN via (also known as을 통한 ExpressVPN in the Korean language) so as to stay safe and anonymous online.

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Use an Internet browser that has been proven safe. One way to protect your privacy online is not to use Internet Explorer as your web browser. Note that millions of users rely on Internet Explorer for their browsing needs. With this number of users, the risk that more people will steal your personal information is relatively high. By using another Internet browser, you spread the risk of theft of personal information effectively.

Disguise your identity with an anonymizer. You have to remember that every time you surf the internet, you leave a trail through your IP address. When it comes to the internet, your IP address can basically reveal your identity, even some personal information that shouldn’t be made public. You should hide your IP address as much as possible with the anonymizer. This is the best way to protect your privacy online. Preventing is always better than cure. So be careful when you go online.