How to Take Care of Your Pretty Underwear

We hear a lot about how to get bras that fit properly, the benefits, the styles (which I’ll cover at some point), etc., but we don’t often get advice on how to best care for pretty underwear. I think this area is important as it allows us not only to enjoy our lingerie but also helps it last longer, which is very important in these economic times.

The first step is to buy quality lingerie. It is more evident than ever that the better the quality, the more longevity. Better to have just four women’s bras that are in good shape and therefore provide you with the correct fit and lift you need than eight quality cheap bras that don’t give you much lift, let alone fit and support. To order the best maternity underwear go through

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This will lead to less wear, especially the elastic band that is spinning and constantly under pressure. It’s a bit like wearing the same shoes every day. Before you know it, the heels are gone! How do you keep your nice underwear? Do you yank them off and throw them anywhere, even on the carpet, where they can easily pick up lint? Or do you worry about at least hanging or storing them neatly?

How the bra is put on and taken off is also important. Ideally, when you put on your women’s bras, you should first put your arms through the straps and then bring your hands behind your back to bring the hooks together.

From experience, I can really tell you that this takes a bit of practice with perseverance. In no time, you’ll find it faster than hooking the bra in the front and twisting it back. It also puts less pressure on the band which will also pick up less body dirt or even body cream.