How To Use A Tent Safely

Using an outdoor tent can be a fun experience whether you are camping alone or with friends in a small tent, or partying with hundreds of other people in an event tent. However, there are some basic safety rules that you should always follow when using your tent, regardless of the event or location of the tent.

Increase the safety of your surplus canvas simply by following these tent safety rules when using or in a tent:

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1. Choose your place in the tent carefully

Always make sure the tent is installed in a place that is as safe as possible. If possible, keep away from large, sloping branches and never pitch a tent in a lower area if there is a large puddle of water or a flood protection river nearby.

2. Watch out for the campfire

Although nearly all modern tents and event tents are fire resistant, the campfire should always be made upwind and at least 15 feet from the tent. This not only protects you and your tent but also prevents uncontrollable fires outdoors.

3. Make sure your tent is visible at night

Always make sure your tent is visible at night even when you are not using it. This is to prevent people from injuring themselves in the tent and at night, as well as preventing damage to the tent that requires repairs.