Protect Your Swimming Pool In winter

As you prepare to close your swimming pool for winter, you might find these tips helpful.

It is a good idea to lower the water level so that it is below the inlet of all pipes that lead to pumps and filters. This prevents additional water from entering the pool cleaning and heating system when not in use.

This helps because it prevents water from entering the water pipe where it can freeze, expand, and leave a plastic pipe, causing leakage.

It also protects water filters and pumps from damage that can cause the purchase of new parts. You can also buy winter pool enclosures at online.

Be sure to clean all water from pumps, heaters, pipes, and filters. You can usually empty the filter by pulling the plug on the bottom.

Remember to open the air valve so that all the water flows. Do the same to drain the pump and turn it on briefly after drying to remove the last water flow.

It is also advisable to check the feeder and make sure there are no clean chemicals as this can damage all your equipment.

Remove the summer pool cover, clean or keep it aside or leave it on a roller and place the cover on it. You must now put winter cover over water to prevent dirt from falling into the pool.