Replacing the Glass Face of Your Watch?

Glass facings are required on watches to allow you to read the time. Despite your best efforts to protect them, glass can be scratched and damaged by daily wear. It is a normal part of wearing a watch. The more severe the scratch is, the more fragile the glass face becomes.

Cracks can also allow dirt and water into the watch dial, causing irreparable damage. This article will help you tremendously if you’re looking for the right replacement for your glass face.

Wristwatches – Many crystals are made for wristwatches. Although the most popular shape is round, you can also find oval, rectangular and square shapes that are tailored to fit your watch face. You can also search the query ‘affordable local watch shop near me’ on the browser.

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You can make the watch glass faces from a variety of materials, including plastic for acrylic watches, glass to match designer gold or dual-toned watches, and even high-strength synthetic sapphire.

Acrylic crystals are easy to source and can be made from plastics. They can also be ground to any shape. Special pastes can be used for cracks and scratches in acrylic facings. Acrylic glass facings cannot be removed because they are fused to the casings.

Round facings are the most common form of glass, which can be used on round watch faces. Designer watches might need to have replacement oval, square or elliptical glass faces. These are difficult to find or make.

Each piece of round glass must be shaped to fit the watch faces. Watchmakers then use adhesive to seal the glass face into the casing. Most mineral glass facings include a gasket to seal and control moisture.