Restoring Lawn Health With Lawn Mowing Services

Regular mowing keeps the green and healthy. The right mowing technique ensures that the grass grows healthy. However, thatch or non-decomposed roots and stems collected above the soil surface must be removed. Spring or fall is the best time to de-thatch your lawn.

Weeds can wreak havoc with your lawn's health. Once the weeds have taken over the lawn, restoring it to a vibrant green is a major challenge. You can also get lawn mowing services by visiting

So the idea is to deal with the weeds as soon as they begin to take root. Simply pull them out. Better still, do not allow the weeds to drop seeds and half your battle is won.

Compacted soil prevents the roots from penetrating and spreading which in turn impacts the health of the lawn. Aeration of the compacted is the only way to get the grass growing healthy again. Lawn mowing services have the tools to aerate them so the task can be hired out to them..

Nutrient-rich soil is the first step to health. To restore your lawn's health, make sure that it is getting the right nutrients at the right time – read, proper fertilization.

Add organic matter to the soil to balance out the nutrients; compost is a rich source of good micro-organisms and organic matter.