Roofing Marketing Campaigns to Help Roofers Get on Page One of Google

Online searches are more popular than ever. The research study found that nearly all consumers (97%) now search online for products and services in their local area. Local searches are increasing by 70%. Search engines currently match local businesses to customers based on their location.

SEO for roofing companies can help you be competitive online for buyer search terms. Using relevant and strategically researched keywords across your website can help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERP).

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Few ways that your roofing marketing efforts could get your business on the first page of Google are Google Places (Formerly Google Maps) and Geo Pay per Click Advertising.

Google Places

It's also known as Google Maps (Google Places), Google Local (Google local), and Google Maps (Google Maps). You may have noticed the Maps appearing on Google with similar technology on MSN or Yahoo. Google Place Pages will be displayed to the left and a map on the right of the search engine results page for a local search. 

This is the best option for advertising on the Internet. Google Places allows you to add a lot of information about your company, including photos, videos, and service descriptions. You can also enter coupons, QPR codes, and business categories.

Geo pay per click advertising

Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC), is one of the most popular forms of roofing marketing currently on the internet. This is due to the cost-effective promotion method that Paid advertising offers.

Traditional advertising methods such as print, television, and coupon mailers, banner advertising, and banner advertising are based on the number of people who might see your advertisement, regardless of whether they call you. 

Roof marketing success is only achieved when the website appears on Google for multiple keywords. It directly correlates with the amount of competition in that specific area of roofing marketing and keywords.