Simple Tips For Dog Grooming at Home

Dog lovers and dog owners will definitely agree that it is important for dogs to be well maintained. They will not only be healthier – they will also feel more loved. Do you want your dog to look and smell fragrant but you can't afford to bring your dog to a professional groomer? You will find simple dog grooming at home tips from professional dog groomers in this article.

1) Ears

It is important that you take the time to check your pet ears. Long hair in your dog's ears will collect wax. You can remove long hair from your dog's ear so as to eliminate the source of wax and dirt buildup. You need to grasp the hair firmly at its base and then pull outwards. If you are not familiar with this job, it is wise to call in groomers for help. You might hurt your dog and cause permanent damage. You can find many companies offering professional dog grooming at home via This will save you a great deal of time and money. 

2) Toenails

You need to cut your pet nails regularly. Nails, if not removed, can cause damage to your furniture. Unclipped nails cause welts that can be painful. Don't try to use human nail scissors or cutters because they can break your dog's nails. You also don't want ragged nails to damage the cloth and surface. There is a pink-colored protuberance in light colored nails, called the quick. This has nerves and blood vessels. Make sure you cut below the quick because it is very sensitive and cutting it would cause pain to your dog.

3) Eyes

Dogs are often seen to always have tears in the corner of their eyes. It could be something serious so you better have a veterinarian check on it. However, there are some dogs that are just prone to tearing.