What is a Cluffy Wedge?

The feet are a crucial structure for people to move around upon. It must work properly for us to stand, walk as well as run. Any type of pain or dysfunction of the feet are likely to affect the capacity with the foot to support us and to move about on. These kinds of challenges could have implications which could significantly alter the total well being, especially mobility. Deficiencies in movement has outcomes for overall health as well as well-being. Podiatric doctors have a vital role in keeping the feet healthy so that we don't endure the consequences of pain in the feet. Your foot has got 26 bones along with multiple joints and also ligaments as well as muscles which manages the actions of the bones and also joints. All of these really need to function with each other to facilitate us to move around without pain. There are many biomechanical dysfunctions that might go wrong and affect that normal biomechanics.

For instance, lets consider the big toe joint of your foot: following the foot contacting the floor when walking or running and the leg progresses above the feet on the floor, then your rearfoot begins to come up off the floor as we push forward. In order for that to take place properly is that if that big toe or hallux joint of the foot will flex. This requires that this joint is flexible and mobile to permit the normal movement to take place. There are a number of issues which may go awry with that big toe joint which will interfere with that normal function. Probably the most common problem is that of osteo arthritis which has effects on the joint. It can be too painful to move, hence the steps involved in walking can become painful. This could change the way that the feet and the body move. A big toe joint that becomes more inflexible is also likely to hinder the normal function of the foot making it a lot harder to get the heel off the floor when walking or running. This really is a very inefficient as well as energy sapping strategy to move. Yet another problem called functional hallux limitus in addition influences the big toe or hallux joint. With this problem you will find a normal range of motion of the hallux joint when the foot is off the floor, however, if weightbearing and walking for some unknown factors, the big toe joint doesn't want to flex. Any time most of these restrictions at the joint occur, various other joints really need to bend more, and this changes the way you walk. This could certainly result in signs and symptoms elsewhere within the body as compensation.

Most of these types of biomechanical issues are usually taken care of with the use of foot insoles to try and reestablish and enable for a far more normal function of the foot. There are numerous kinds of foot insoles and many various adjustments which Podiatric doctors frequently make use of to handle the specific issue of their patients. A specific adjustment which is often used to manage the situation of a functional hallux limitus could be the Cluffy Wedge. This Cluffy wedge is a pad which should go plantar to the big toe or hallux to permit an even more normal movements at that joint.