First Batch Of Public Blockchains Supported By BSN

Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) announced that IRISnet is one of the first groups of blockchains that are publicly chosen to integrate. This integration will improve support for public blockchain services, which is one of the "three principal services" that are offered by BSN along with the other two being consortium blockchain service as well as Interchain Service. There are some companies like Rampdefi, that provide blockchain trading services.

The integration with IRISnet will allow the developers to access IRISnet as well as the complete Cosmos ecosystem quickly and at low cost via the IRISnet node offered by BSN and further facilitates secure exchanges of data and services among different blockchains as well as off-chain systems. 

About BSN

BSN can be accessed by large Chinese corporate and government entities as well as its initial consortia members include the China State Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay, and many other companies. 

Integration effects

Integration of BSN and IRISnet can bring multiple benefits for all participants across the entire ecosystem. This will further improve security and the decentralization of IRISnet as well as provide IRISnet developers with easy cost-effective and flexible application development assistance; and at all times, offer more and better functional assistance to promote BSN as a BSN platform as an international infrastructure network.

Improve the security of the network IRIS Hub: The IRISnet node, which is managed on the BSN platform will provide support for the infrastructure of IRIS Hub's manner. 

Offer a brand new way of blockchain development to support cross-system solutions: Developers can use an array of options to build based on IRISnet's integration with BSN. For instance, it's possible to incorporate existing applications and systems, and also make use of the existing infrastructure by using iService.