Various types of call forwarding

Call forwarding immediately divert calls intended for your mobile to another number, such as your home or office number.You can still make a call out when this feature is turned on. You can forward landline to cell phone easily with online features.


You will save airtime on most package rates by forwarding your call to landline. If you continue your call to another cellphone, the airtime fee will be billed to the telephone account.If you continue your call to a remote number, you will be billed with the applicable remote fee.


Various types of call forwarding


Call forward while busy


This service is very helpful when you wait for an important call, but you still need to use your cellphone. This allows you to send your incoming call to an alternative telephone number because you still use your line. What this means is to activate this service will only continue the incoming call to the designated number when you are busy talking on your mobile.


Future calls when not answered
When you are busy in a meeting or can't answer your phone for any reason, you might need to divert the call to another phone number. Only call that you fail to answer will be continued.