Explore the Effects of Overpopulation

Today, we suffer from a “population explosion.” This means that the world’s population has been booming rapidly, rising to unwanted numbers. Looking back at history, the world’s population in 3,000 BC was an estimated 200 million, but now the world’s population has gone up to 7 billion. 

As we reach an environmental tipping point, we must find solutions for this rapid growth. There are many novels such as The Message: A Novel About Overpopulation that provide an absorbing, entertaining and highly original read to take you on a surprising journey, one that will leave you questioning much of what you thought you knew.

Following are the possible effects of overpopulation:

  • Food Shortage

While the population has been rising as a result of increased food production, this production has limits. More mouths need to be fed. Without an increase in food production that matches the rising population, deprivation and hunger will be on the rise and each individual will have access to smaller quantities of food. This could cause war and the collapse of many developing nations.

  • Higher Prices

As the availability of medicine, food, and daily necessities fluctuates due to population growth and migration, poor families may not be able to afford these comforts. This would cause them to be more vulnerable. In order to solve this problem of increased demand, plenty of industries and businesses have been built.

  • Higher Levels of Pollution

Pollution is the addition of particulate matter (substances) to the air, water and soil, which yield harm to man’s health and cause harmful effects to other life forms. Because of overpopulation, more waste is generated each day. Due to the abrupt population explosion, numerous problems have evolved. 

These environmental problems have been growing at an alarming rate. While new technologies have increased many people's standard of living, this overpopulation also deprives other people of a decent standard of living. Most developing nations have large numbers of illiterate people who live below the poverty line. We must redouble our efforts to bring comprehensive education to all people.