Know More About Kingfisher Pool Spa Hoist

Kingfisher, Pool Seat allows for easy, stylish access to any pool. This seat allows you to access a pool without having to use the steps. The Kingfisher Pool Seat was developed in close collaboration with Occupational Therapists, industry professionals, and is simple to use and safe. You can also avail the benefits of Kingfisher Pool/Spa Hoist for mobility.

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This pool hoist features

Kingfishers' pool/spa hoist has the following features:

  • Kingfisher, Pool Seats have a Safe Working Load (SWL), of 150kg

  • Rechargeable Linak 24v battery

  • Controlling the hand with a floating device

  • Lift-up armrests on load-bearing loads for easy transfer

  • Footrests that can be removed or adjusted

  • For storage, flip-up the seat

  • For easy storage, wheel away transport trolley

  • Lap belt for safety

  • Mounting on either the left or right side

  • Linak Actuator Extra Heavy Duty with Emergency Lifting

Para Mobility designed and manufactured the Pelican pool hoist in Australia. It was tested according to ASA 3581. Pelican Pool & Spa Access Hoist is designed to allow anyone with disability access to above- and below-ground spas, swimming & hydrotherapy pools without the need for manual lifting. This hoist can be used in public pools, leisure centres, private homes, nursing homes, schools, and other places. You can either have the pool hoist installed at the edge of your pool or spa by a handyperson/tradesperson or we can arrange for installation.