The Economic Impact of Life Enrichment Programs in Retirement Communities

As an independent activities specialist with an engagement director, we see that departmental budgets for activities at pension associations are very limited and have been cut in recent years. Sometimes my programs are canceled or scaled back because of these painful budget cuts. But now you can get the benefits by investing in old citizen’s programs for life enrichment.

The Importance of Life Enrichment Programs at a Senior Living Community - Heritage Senior Communities

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The housing industry for the elderly has weathered this economic downturn very well, but the ongoing budget cuts are directly linked to a lagging economy, increased competition in the elderly housing industry, and lower employment rates.

The weak real estate market and the financial collapse of the past few years severely disrupted the retirement provisions of many seniors and their ability to move into residential communities immediately after initial planning.

Lower activity budgets limit the quantity and quality of enrichment activities that can be offered to residents of these communities. And a community that provides a richer experience for its residents is much easier to sell to potential residents if the price, location, and service are the same in the eyes of its customers.

As a seasoned sales and marketing veteran – and now a non-community independent contractor – I offer a unique perspective on current topics. From my own experience as a salesperson, I know that sales and marketing teams in every community are challenged every day to meet sales goals to increase employment rates.

Obviously, having an active, engaging, and life-enriching calendar can have a positive impact on a salesperson's ability to influence potential residents and their families to choose their property as a new retirement home. It has also been shown that employment levels affect the amount of money a property can spend on other activities and amenities.