How Can Craniosacral Therapy Work?

Also called CST or cranial osteopathy, this treatment centers around a really mild massage in the craniosacral region, working the backbone and the mind together to realign bones, let the spinal fluid to flow, and decrease pain.

Like most other therapies it asserts to help the body cure itself and states that by doing this may reinforce our capacity to resist disease and help cure many different issues related to dysfunction or pain.

While getting someone play about with your own brain and spinal cord might sound somewhat dicey, the cranial osteopathy is really completely non-invasive and rather relaxing, between a cranial osteopath lightly squeezing the skull as you lie on a massage table and try to not think about Frankenstein.

Everything began thanks to a single Dr William G. Sutherland, who thought the bones from the skull were more pliable, which by gently moving them and touching the membranes, tissues and muscles surrounding the brain and spinal cord, other physiological acts could be mended, improved and enhanced.

According to a single massage site,"when blockages occur in spinal fluid, an inharmonious equilibrium within the body can occur, leading to joint and muscle strain, psychological disturbances, along with the improper functioning of the human body's organs and central nervous system"