Small Bathroom Renovations: How to Save Space?

You may wonder how to make the most of a small bathroom. It can be challenging to design small bathrooms, especially if there isn't enough space for essentials like the sink, toilet, and shower. You can make a small bathroom appear larger by planning and utilizing the space you have for storage or decoration efficiently. 

These ideas will help you with the finest small bathroom renovations to save space.

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You always have more space with shelves

If you are tight on budget, shelves can be a great option to increase storage space without spending a lot. You can keep the decor intact and add storage space to your bathroom. You can find shelves in many sizes and shapes.

Do not underestimate the Wall-Mounted Toilet

Wall-mounted toilets are not an option for many homeowners. However, they can be a great way to save space in small bathrooms. This toilet can be installed correctly and is very strong. It doesn't have an upper tank or pedestal that traditional commodes do.

The Sink

A simple pedestal sink can be used to make a small bathroom more spacious. Although you might lose some storage space the room will seem larger. You can always make up the space by adding shelving.

Sliding Door vs. Swinging Door

Traditional swinging doors can take up much space when they open and close, space that cannot be filled with any other material. A sliding door, also called a pocket door, can be installed to make this space more usable. 

It slides into the wall and is a great way to do so. Although pocket doors can save space, they are not as elegant as swinging doors.