Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Working Principle

The capsule filling machine is an automatic capsule filling machine by which the separation, filling, and sealing of capsules can be carried out automatically. 

The machine can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. You can also look for the automatic capsule filling machine through the web.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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The main part of the machine for filling capsules with intermittent movements is a circular gas pump in the center:

Capsule correction

Most of the fresh empty capsules from the factory are capsules connected by an interlocking lid and body. Capsules must be adapted for the filling process. 

Separation of the capsule cap from the body

The capsule tray is transferred to the capsule ejection station and the vacuum divider is raised so that its upper surface approaches the lower surface of the lower segment without gaps.


Capsule filling machines use a hammer to compact the powder. The meter disk rotates once after taming to transfer the dust to the next destroyer, and the dust on the meter disk automatically fills the holes in the meter disk. And after solidification, the powder fills the capsule body.

Capsule lock

The upper and lower capsule shells rotate simultaneously towards the locking station, where the center lines of the upper and lower capsule shells overlap. 

The automatic capsule filling machine can fill 12k-450k capsules per hour at the highest speed and is the best choice for large capsule production.