rick Repointing Services For Historical Buildings

Brick repointing services are an essential part of restoring historic buildings. The original brickwork is constantly exposed to the elements which can slowly cause it to crumble and fall away, leaving your building in more danger than ever. Don't allow this to happen! Contact a firm like Keystone Pointing for all your restoration needs.

What Is Brick Repointing?

Brick repointing is the process of repairing cracked or broken bricks on exterior surfaces of historical buildings. It is usually done when the bricks are exposed to weather and require regular replacement, as with age and wear, bricks can break down and become brittle.

A typical repointing job will involve removing old mortar, cleaning the surface of the brick, applying new mortar to the brick’s surface, and then setting the brick into its new position.

In most cases, brick repointing is an economical way to keep a historical building looking good while preventing it from deteriorating further. Brick repointing can also be used to restore damaged brickwork or add decorative elements to a building.

Procedure to be followed when repointing bricks

To repoint bricks in a historical building, the following procedure must be followed: 

-Confirm that the brick is not bonded to the mortar. If it is bonded, remove the bonded brick and mortar with a chisel or a hammer. 

-Check for cracks in the brick. Repoint any cracks that are more than ½ inch wide. 

-Clean and smooth the surface of the brick using a damp cloth. Apply a coat of masonry sealant to the entire surface of the brick. Let dry. 

-Apply new mortar to the joints, using a trowel or a spade. Make sure that the mortar covers the entire surface of the brick. Press down firmly until the mortar sets.