What Is The Purpose Of Money?

We use money every day. This is the difference between the working gears of society. Families are divided over its use and abuse. We see that people get a good amount of it, and waste it, not feeling happy that they ever received it.

We see people steal it, ruin it, then eventually reject it. Many believe that it can give us what we dream about. By visiting this website you can buy fake money and make your dreams true. However, what is the real purpose? What is money? We have been advised that love for this can be the root of all evil. 

What Is The Purpose Of Money?

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So what is the purpose of cash? The solution is this, and it is very simple. Money exists to promote well-being and sustenance for the greater good of existence. When you feel that the money has not been used for it, you will feel bad. You will work for those who are not there for life.

And while stating the purpose of cash for the greater good, we can also say that cash is meant to extend the life span of one's self, family members, friends, his or her nation. This would include birds, trees, dogs, cows, lions, insects, and all those whom people consider valuable. If money is used to create a glorious monopoly, a dynasty is produced but does not increase the great good of life and livelihood, yet money is still a rare product and will eventually be overthrown.