When Should I Ask My Bridesmaids To Be In My Wedding?

One of the most exciting aspects of getting engaged and starting your wedding planning process is having loved ones all over the world attend your bridal shower. You may have thought long and hard about who you would like to stand beside you at the altar as you prepared to say, "I will."

You may have thought about what styles of bridesmaid dresses would look great on your boyfriend group when transformed into a member of your bridal party. The next step, the fun step, finally asking a question full of joy, emotion, and high hopes: would you be my bridesmaid with card?

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Brides often wonder when is the best time to ask this question. The newly engaged bride may be so excited about what's coming that she asks her friends during the first week of their engagement.

The key is not to do it too fast. You may even want to wait and see how many groomsmen your fiancé wants and look up the same number.

The best rule is to ask your friends and family to be bridesmaids between one year and eight months before your wedding. This gives them enough time to plan their bachelorette party and get their clothes on. A little time may not be enough to commit.

Once you know when and who to ask, you can start thinking about how you would like to ask your friend the question.