What is a Small Business CRM?

A small business CRM handles a unique CRM system that targets small businesses and solopreneurs. Small businesses don't often require the same high-end functionality as major market players. Therefore, small business CRM systems are built on a foundation of basic functionality. You can look for the best CRM with Quoting for Sales Teams online.

4 Tips To Choose the Best CRM For Small Business

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When a small business CRM becomes an enterprise-level system, there is no clear cutoff point, but here are some of the most prevalent qualities that distinguish them.

  • Stripped back functionality. Small business CRMs are more focused on communication features, such as centralization and improvement. Enterprise-level CRMs can offer advanced analytics and specialized features like app development.
  • It is easier to set up. It is easier to set up and use small business CRM than for enterprise-level. Cloud-based CRM systems are easy to use. All a company has to do is create an account and add staff members. Then, adjust the system to suit its workflow and processes.
  • Built for smaller teams. Any CRM system can theoretically be used by any number of people. Small business CRMs are priced and designed to be used by small teams with 5-10 employees.
  • Affordable pricing. The CRM market is becoming the most lucrative market for software worldwide. Systems are getting more affordable. However, the difference between enterprise and small-business CRM can easily reach hundreds of dollars per month. Some platforms for small businesses are free but have limited functionality. Most offer support services to their users at no cost.