Why Mindfulness Matters For Entrepreneurs In Silicon Valley

The breathing exercise you just completed is an example of awareness defined by the UC Berkeley Center for Better Science as "maintaining instantaneous awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the environment through a soft, nourishing lens."

Mindfulness was once a term for yoga studios and Buddhist temples but has recently become a hot topic in Silicon Valley. You can get the best mindfulness therapy service in Silicon Valley  from various web sources.


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Wisdom is one of the ways many employers deal with the costs caused by 24/7 email, long working hours, and other aspects of our accelerated business culture, ”said Richard Branson, founder of Virgin. Research has also shown that mindfulness meditation can lower blood cortisol levels, which increases our ability to process information and deal with stress.

Entrepreneurs are continuously encouraged to move forward. We pursue fast growth and sales rankings for the hockey stick. We see other people thrive and set ambitious goals to make more money, gain more status, and expand their endeavors.

No matter how careful you may be, the goal is not to give up our business goals or pursuits, but rather to acknowledge the difference between insignificant productivity, being obsessed with the future, and the basic power of being there. Living in the moment is a choice, and fortunately, a choice we can make many times each day.