Overview of Immunohistochemistry Services

Immunohistochemistry, a special test that detects specific antigens on tissue sections, is used to identify them (the polypeptides and proteins).

It is a powerful tool in the biological field for pathologists. They use monoclonal as well as polyclonal antibodies to determine the tissue distribution of antigens in healthy and disease samples. You can get the best IHC service online.

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IHC plays an important role in pathology, and it has many applications in medicine, particularly in the diagnosis of cancers like lymphomas.


Although the principle of IHC is known since the 1930s and was first reported in 1941, it has been a long time since. Coons and his colleagues used FITC-labeled antigens to map the Pneumococcal antibodies in infected tissue.

The IHC technique continues to be improved and refined, despite the successes they have achieved. The research community has been exposed to enzyme labels and the colloidal-gold label.

The IHC has been improved to include protein conjugation and tissue fixation methods. This makes it an important tool for biologists working in research and diagnostic laboratories.


Antigen detection in IHC is achieved by using antibodies that specifically target antigens found in biological tissues. This has obvious advantages over traditional enzyme staining methods.

The IHC technique is an important tool in medical research, clinical diagnosis, drug development, and biological research.

Physicians used the IHC technique to diagnose cancer, along with specific tumor markers.

It allows doctors to determine whether the cancer is malignant or benign.

IHC can also be used to predict therapeutic response, detect tumors of unknown origin, confirm infection in tissues, and so on. IHC is used in drug development to determine the activity and down-regulation of disease targets to verify drug efficacy.

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