Hanthana Linux Complete Review

In this article, we are going to talk about an operating system that you've probably never heard of. Its name is Hanthana Linux and it is based on Fedora operating system. Fedora is one of the most well-known Linux distribution in the world. It supports workstations, servers, and various other devices. The advantage of Fedora is great support for developers, clear and fast user interface, and lots of useful tools. In addition, Fedora is completely free and is updated at regular 6-8 monthly intervals. 

Hanthana DE comes with C/C++, Java, MySql Server, Apache, PHP, Python, and Ruby. And also it bundles the Octave for your statistical works. You can install Hanthana Linux just like you would install any other Linux distribution. You can use bootable USB maker software like Win32 Disk Imager to create the bootable USB drive. If you download the ISO file for Hanthana Linux, you can burn it to a blank DVD, or install it directly from the ISO file.  Hanthana Linux is very user-friendly and needs practically no formal Linux knowledge.

Among other Fedora distribution remixes, the Hanthana Linux operating system remains active as free and open-source software. Its Sri Lankan developer, Hanthana Community, specifically designed this operating software to respond to the needs of many Sri Lankan computer users who are having a hard time accessing the Internet. It comes with built-in applications that are truly in demand nowadays, making it also ideal for use in offices, multimedia and graphics, entertainment, and even for educational purposes. Since this is based on the Fedora Linux distribution, you can first check the features of the Hanthana Linux distro from the Live DVD before deciding to install it on your hard disk. Its multilingual interface also makes it possible to reach international users. Here’s the catch, Hanthana Linux is free to use – without any charges even if you make and share copies of the distro. I hope this article has provided you with a few helpful tips on Hanthana Linux.