How To Choose The Right Multi Color LED Strip Light?

The LED color range is now unlimited as any color can be created using multi color technology. There are usually two or three shades of white available: light or cool white – a very light bluish-white version, warm white – which is more yellowish like the sun, and natural white – a combination of the two to varying degrees.

LEDs are available in almost any color, but multicolor LED strips can also emit a wide variety of colors. The leading multi-color led strip needs a controller to work and decide whether the color of the ribbon should be a constant color or change as the rate of change is set. 

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The dedicated pixel multi-color strip can change color sequentially, creating a leaking effect. The amount of color change in the multi-color band is very much dependent on the knowledge of the controller.

The flexibility of the LED strip can be a determining factor in its application. Hard tape is ideal for replacing fluorescent lamps, for example, although flexible tape is difficult. The strips are usually flexible only to one dimension, where the correct direction of the LEDs can be important.

If you plan to install the strip light in a damp or humid outdoor location, or even underwater, your item must be partially or completely waterproof.