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Gaslighting is a common form of manipulation in violent relationships. This is a type of covert emotional abuse in which the abuser or perpetrator misleads the target by fabricating a false story, making them question their judgment and reality.1 Eventually, the victim of gaslighting begins to feel insecure about his or her perception of the world. and even wonder if they lost their minds.

Gaslighting occurs mainly in romantic relationships, but controlling friendships or family members is not uncommon. People who trample on other people may have a mental breakdown. They use this type of emotional abuse to exercise power over others, to manipulate friends, family members, or even coworkers.

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Gaslighting is a technique that weakens one's perception of reality. When someone upsets you, you can judge yourself, your memories, recent events, and perceptions. After talking to the person who gaslighted you, you may feel dizzy and wonder if something is wrong with you. You may be driven to think that you are actually guilty of something or that you are overly sensitive

Gaslighting can confuse you and cause you to question your judgment, memory, self-esteem, and overall sanity. This can help you learn more about the tactics the Gaslight persona can use.

lies about you

People who engage in gaslighting are often pathologically common liars and often exhibit narcissistic tendencies. Usually, they lie and never give up or change their story even if you call them or provide proof of their fraud.