Know About Tree Planting

Tree planting can not only enhance the beauty of your garden but also encourage wildlife.

A native tree will provide more food for insects and birds than non-native species. There are many native species that can be found depending on the size of your garden. This is dependent on what you want to accomplish in your garden.

The location of your tree is important and can save you from future problems. Knowing how large your tree will grow once it is fully grown is crucial. It is also important to consider the proximity of buildings, electricity lines, blocking neighbors' views, drainage, and other factors. You can also consider getting professional tree planting services.


It is best to plant trees and shrubs in the spring or fall. This is because the trees are dormant during this time. Also, the soil is in good condition, being warm from summer and moist from autumn.

If necessary, you should prune the tree at this time as it is likely that all animals and birds living in the tree will have moved due to its shed leaves.

Native species of trees like crab apple, willow, and hazel can be used to create small hedges or clusters in smaller gardens. Although holly, blackthorn, and hawthorn are all good choices, they can be a bit prickly so make sure to consider this when you are choosing where to plant your tree. 

You might consider a fig tree. Fig trees can be planted in pots because they have certain unavoidable characteristics. They also need shelter from the sun and shelter from the cold. Roots can cause damage to surrounding plants.