Easy Video Sales Letters

Video sales letters are being used by almost everyone, from hospitals to car dealerships. Nearly every agency makes them for clients to distribute online. They are as outdated as direct mail marketing strategies. You'll be the last one to have several types of video letters in your next advertising campaign.

A microphone, screen capture software, as well as presentation software such as PowerPoint, are required to create a video sales letter. While the PowerPoint presentation is being screen captured, use the mic to record your voice over it reading the pitch from your print copy.

These are some things to consider during the planning phase:

  • What information do you want customers to know about your product and you?
  • What's unique or exciting about your product?
  • Before you discuss price, emphasize the product's value. What value will your customer receive for their money?
  • Mention all the special offers, promotions, and bonuses you offer.
  • Your PowerPoint presentation should highlight all of the product's benefits; your visuals will support this narrative.
  • Negative feedback about your product should be addressed in your sales letter.
  • Follow the KIS rule: Keep it Simple.

This is how you can make an easy video sale letter. You can experiment, test things, and get feedback from multiple people before you create your video sales letters and publish them on your website. This strategy is great for your business.