Know About The Commonly Asked Questions About A Residential Move in Palmdale

Are you moving across town or down the street? Hiring professional residential movers who are experienced is the best option to ensure that all your belongings arrive in good condition at your new home. You can get the services of residential moving in Palmdale at


These are some of the most common questions people who move want to be answered. This will make moving day more efficient.

  • Who will pack my boxes? Do I do it myself or is it done by a moving company?
  • Are you allowed to wrap your furniture yourself? 
  • Do I have to keep all my clothes and other items in drawers?
  • Do I have to follow the truck to my new location?

1. Who will pack all my boxes?

Most cases allow you to pack your own boxes. All of your personal items, such as clothing, books, mugs, and plates, should be packed in their own boxes. You should wrap your items carefully and not overfill them with books, as they can cause boxes to crack.

2. How do I wrap my own furniture?

The furniture blankets will be made from a stronger and more durable material to prevent items from getting damaged or scratched during the move.

3. Can I leave all my clothing and other items in dresser drawers?

If the furniture is strong, it's possible to leave clothes or linens in drawers. Most movers will recommend that you take out items that are already assembled. Smaller items, such as jewelry and small pieces, should not be left in drawers. 

4. What do I need to do to follow the moving truck to my new place?

Local moves allow you to follow the truck to your destination. To allow them in, you must arrive at your destination either before or after the truck arrives.

Now you have the answers for your questions, go ahead and hire the best moving services.