Precautions In Plastic Surgery

Reconstruction surgery is usually divided into two categories. The first category includes patients with birth defects. The second category includes patients with developmental disabilities due to accidents, infections, or disease.

Some examples of birth defects are cleft lip, finger ligaments, and moles. Acquired disabilities can range from burns from fire to breast reconstruction from breast cancer. Reconstruction operations often require multiple interventions. If you are looking for plastic surgery, you can visit

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Recovery after plastic surgery can be sensitive. Patients are advised not to take aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs. Patients must also refrain from smoking and are not exposed to secondhand smoke for 30 days before and after surgery. Direct sunlight should be avoided and sunscreen should be used when sun exposure cannot be avoided.

Many patients suffer from depression in the first few months after cosmetic procedures. The combination of drugs during and after surgery can cause depression. Financial stress and stress associated with the fear of being damaged or guilty can play a role in depression.

Plastic surgery is normally not covered by insurance because it is not medically necessary. Reconstructive surgery can be closed completely or partially for certain procedures. Many alternatives can be funded either through a surgeon program or by an outside finance company.

Some surgeons may not be comfortable sharing photos with their patients, but it is better to use them to discuss the surgical process and expected paper results.